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Reviews & Shorter Notices – May 2009

The Bible and the Crisis of Meaning: Debates on the Theological Interpretation of Scripture
Uche Anizor, pp. 461–462

The Soteriology of Leo the Great
Philip L. Barclift, pp. 462–464

Gregory of Nyssa: Ancient and (Post)Modern
Kevin Mongrain, pp. 464–465

What is “Theology” in the Middle Ages?: Religious Cultures of Europe (12th to 15th Centuries) as Reflected in Their Self-Understanding
John Howe, pp. 465–467

Papst und Teufel: Die Archive des Vatikan und das Dritte Reich
Ulrich L. Lehner, pp. 467–468

Chesterton and Tolkien as Theologians: The Fantasy of the Real
David J. Leigh S.J., pp. 469–470

Hope & Solidarity: Jon Sobrino’s Challenge to Christian Theology
Michael Amaladoss S.J., pp. 470–471

Friends of God: Islamic Images of Piety, Commitment, and Servanthood
David Burrell C.S.C. , pp. 471–473

L’être et la mission du laïc dans une église pluri-ministérielle: D’une théologie du laïcat à une ecclésiologie de solidarité (1953–2003)
John J. Conley S.J., pp. 473–474

Catholics in America: A History, The Faithful: A History of Catholics in America
Philip Gleason, pp. 474–477

God as Poet of the World: Exploring Process Theologies
Joseph Bracken S.J., pp. 477–478

The Resurrection Effect: Transforming Christian Life and Thought
Gerald O’Collins S.J., pp. 478–480

Christian Theology in Asia
Peter Phan, pp. 480–482

Coptic Christology in Practice: Incarnation and Divine Participation in Late Antique and Medieval Egypt
David Johnson S.J. , pp. 482–483

Ethnic and Religious Conflict in Africa: An Analysis of Bias, Decline, and Conversion Based on the Works of Bernard Lonergan
Marinus C. Iwuchukwu, pp. 483–485

For Life Abundant: Practical Theology, Theological Education, and Christian Ministry
Robert L. Kinast, pp. 485–486

The Jewish Idea of Ethics and Morality: A Covenantal Perspective
Michael Berenbaum, pp. 486–488

Christianity, Democracy, and the Radical Ordinary: Conversations between a Radical Democrat and a Christian
Robin W. Lovin, pp. 488–489

A Promised Land, a Perilous Journey: Theological Perspectives on Migration
Miguel H. Diaz, pp. 490–491

A Moral Climate: The Ethics of Global Warming
Anthony Egan S.J., pp. 491–493

Catholic Moral Theology in the United States: A History
Julia Fleming, pp. 493–494

Good Punishment?: Christian Moral Practice and U.S. Imprisonment
Patrick T. McCormick, pp. 494–496

Christian Political Ethics
Gerry O’Hanlon S.J., pp. 496–498

Healing and Creativity in Economic Ethics: The Contribution of Bernard Lonergan’s Economic Thought to Catholic Social Teaching
Kenneth R. Melchin, pp. 498–499

Shorter Notices
pp. 500–514

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