A journal of academic theology

Reviews & Shorter Notices – September 1942

Critical: The Catholic Movement in the American Episcopal Church
William H. McClellan S.J., pp. 439–447

Critical: The Lambeth Conferences
Edward Hawks, pp. 448–452

Evaluative: Chiasmus in the New Testament
Laurence J. McGinley S.J., pp. 452–454

Evaluative: A Gospel Harmony
E. J. Hodous S.J., pp. 454–456

Evaluative: The Seven Gifts of the Holy Ghost
E. J. Weisenberg S.J., pp. 456–457

Evaluative: Documents of the Primitive Church
John J. Collins S.J., pp. 457–459

Evaluative: Introduction to the Old Testament
James E. Coleran S.J., pp. 459–460

Evaluative: The Christian Approach to the Moslem
Richard J. McCarthy S.J., pp. 461

Evaluative: The Throne of David
William S. Dowd S.J., pp. 462–464

Evaluative: The Bearing of Archaeology on the Old Testament
Michael J. Gruenthaner S.J., pp. 464–465

Evaluative: Medieval Humanism
Gray C. Boyce, pp. 465–467

Evaluative: Pastoral Psychology
Hugh J. Bihler S.J., pp. 467

Evaluative: Christianity and the Family
R. Corrigan S.J., pp. 469–470

Evaluative: The Destiny of Western Man
Joseph Bluett S.J., pp. 309

Descriptive Notice: A Study of the Passion of Christ
pp. 470

Descriptive Notice: The Mystery and Romance of Israel
pp. 471

Descriptive Notice: Preaching in the Early Church
pp. 471–472

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