A journal of academic theology

Reviews & Shorter Notices – September 1968

Salvation in History
George MacRae S.J. pp. 519–521

Studies in Sin and Atonement in the Rabbinic Literature of the First Century
Jacob B. Agus ,pp. 521–526

Judaism and the Christian Predicament: A Historical and Critical Study of the Common Origins as Well as the Crucial, Non-Negotiable Differences between Judaism and Christianity
Neil J. McEleney C.S.P. pp. 526–528
The Testing of God’s Son (Matt 4:1–11 & Par): An Analysis of an Early Christian Midrash
H. A. Kelly ,pp. 528–531
Jésus au temple: Mystère de Pâques et foi de Marie en Luc 2, 48–50
Eamon R. Carroll O.Carm. pp. 531–532

Faut-il baptiser les enfants? La réponse de la tradition
Ronald F. King C.M. , pp. 533–535
The Coming Christ and the Coming Church
Peter D. Fehlner O.F.M.Conv. pp. 535–537
Die Autorität der Freiheit: Gegenwart des konzils und Zukunft der Kirche im ökumenischen Disput
Sabbas J. Kilian O.F.M. , pp. 537–542

Luthers Lehre vom unfreien Willen
Jared Wicks S.J. , pp. 542–544

The Church, Mysticism, Sanctification and the Natural in Luther’s Thought
Jared Wicks S.J. pp. 544–545
Geist und Geschichte der Reformation: Festgabe Hanns Rückert
Jared Wicks S.J. ,pp. 545–548
The King’s Great Matter: A Study of Anglo-Papal Relations 1527–1534
John F. Broderick S.J. pp. 548–549

God and other Minds: A Study of the Rational Justification of Belief in God
Joseph H. Casey S.J. pp. 549–551
Situation et Tâches Présentes de la Théologie
George H. Tavard pp. 551–553
Secularization Theology
David B. Burrell C.S.C. pp. 553–554
Psychologie et Théologie
W. W. Meissner S.J. pp. 554–556

Lectures on the Essence of Religion
James Collins pp. 556–558
The Philosophy of Martin Buber
William C. McFadden S.J. pp. 558–559
In Pursuit of Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Eugene C. Bianchi pp. 560–561
The Difference of Man and the Difference it Makes
Martin D. O’Keefe S.J. pp. 561–562
The World of Persons
Daniel J. Shine S.J. pp. 562–564

Shorter Notices
pp. 565–583

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