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Reviews & Shorter Notices – September 1970

History and Existential Theology: The Role of History in the Thought of Rudolf Bultmann
James M. Connolly, pp. 537–539

Jewish Religious Polemic of Early and Later Centuries: A Study of Documents Here Rendered in English
Daniel J. Harrington S.J., pp. 537

Studies in the Fourth Gospel
J. Edgar Bruns, pp. 539–541

Tradition and Life in the Early Church
Robert L. Wilken, pp. 541–543

Les Théologiens Byzantins Et L’islam: Textes Et Auteurs (Viiie-Xiiie s.)
James L. Monks S.J., pp. 543–545

Alexander Iii and the Twelfth Century
Caritas McCarthy S.H.C.J., pp. 545–546

Luther and the Old Testament
Bruce Vawter C.M., pp. 546–548

The Holy Spirit in the Theology of Martin Bucer
Joseph N. Tylenda S.J., pp. 548–550

Pascal and Theology
Philip M. Stark S.J., pp. 550–551

Apologia Pro Charles Kingsley
Paul Misner, pp. 551–552

The One and the Many: Teilhard De Chardin’s Vision of Unity
Cyril Vollert S.J., pp. 552–554

A Dictionary of Christian Theology
Earl A. Weis S.J., pp. 554–556

Verantwortung des Glaubens: Ein Gespräch mit Gerhard Ebeling aus Katholischer Sicht
Patrick J. Burns S.J., pp. 556–558

L’esprit Dans L’église
James Quinn S.J., pp. 558–560

Naming the Whirlwind: The Renewal of God-Language
David Burrell C.S.C., pp. 560–561

Dictionnaire De Spiritualité: Fascicles 46 and 47
Thomas Dubay S.M., pp. 561–563

The Human Image: Avant-Garde and Christian
Karl Welton Kleinz S.J., pp. 563–564

The Personality of Seminarians: A Study Guide and Reference Work
John A. Gasson S.J., pp. 565–566

Being Together: Our Relationships with other People
Dennis J. Doherty O.S.B., pp. 566–568

New Morality or no Morality
John Donnelly, pp. 568–570

The Time of Our Lives: The Ethics of Common Sense
Wilhelm Dupré, pp. 570–572

Conscience and Responsibility
Joseph V. Dolan S.J., pp. 572–574

Who Shall Live? Medicine, Technology, Ethics
Robert H. Dailey S.J., pp. 574–575

Democracy, Dissent, and Disorder: The Issues and the Law
Austin Fagothey S.J., pp. 575–577

Step beyond Impasse: A Chronicle of the Dutch Church
G. David Hollenbach S.J., pp. 577–578

The Knowledge of Things Hoped For: The Sense of Theological Discourse
John W. Healey S.J., pp. 578–581

Shorter Notices
pp. 582–598

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