A journal of academic theology

Reviews & Shorter Notices -September 1971

A History of Apologetics
George C. McCauley S.J., pp. 500–501

Christendom Divided
John W. Healey S.J., pp. 501–502

Historical Theology: Continuity and Change in Christian Doctrine
Herbert J. Ryan S.J., pp. 502–504

Basic Questions in Theology 1
Anselm Atkins, pp. 504–506

The Survival of Dogma
Gregory Baum, pp. 507–508

Religion, Language and Truth
David Burrell C.S.C., pp. 508–510

The Myth of Christian Beginnings: History’s Impact on Belief
Avery Dulles S.J., pp. 510–511

A Critique of Linguistic Philosophy
John A. Dinneen S.J., pp. 512–513

Grenzfragen Zwischen Naturwissenschaft Und Glaube, God and Rationality
Gerrit Smith S.J., pp. 513–516

Physics and Beyond: Encounters and Conversations
Enrico Cantore, pp. 516–518

The Patient as Person: Explorations in Medical Ethics
Robert C. Baumiller S.J., pp. 518–521

Fabricated Man: The Ethics of Genetic Control
James M. Gustafson, pp. 521–523

Toward a New Catholic Morality
James M. Gustafson, pp. 523–525

The Morality of Abortion: Legal and Historical Perspectives
Germain G. Grisez, pp. 525–528

Régulation Des Naissances: Dix Années De Réflexions Théologiques
Nicholas Crotty C.P., pp. 528–529

The Emerging Woman: The Impact of Family Planning
Mary Daly, pp. 529–530

Job et son Dieu: Essai d’exégèse et de théologie biblique
Dennis J. McCarthy S.J., pp. 531–532

L’Eglise dans le commentaire d’Origène sur le Cantique des cantiques
Robert L. Wilken, pp. 532–533

The New Testament Christological Hymns: Their Historical Religious Background
Reginald H. Fuller, pp. 533–535

Jésus Et L’Enfant: “Enfants,” “Petits,” Et “Simples” Dans La Tradition Synoptique
Neil J. McEleney C.S.P., pp. 535–537

The Theology of the Holy Spirit: The Pentecostal Experience and the New Testament Witness
J. Massingberd Ford, pp. 537–539

The Spirit-Paraclete in the Gospel of John
Donald J. Murphy S.J., pp. 539–541

The First Easter Morning: The Gospel Accounts of the Women’s Visit to the Tomb of Jesus
Schuyler Brown, pp. 541–543

The Resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth
Joseph J. Smith S.J., pp. 544–545

The Theology of History in St. Bonaventure
J. R. Sheets S.J., pp. 545–546

Gott—Das Nichtandere: Untersuchungen Zum Metaphysischen Grunde Bei Nikolaus von Kues
William J. Hoye, pp. 546–549

Savonarola and Florence: Prophecy and Patriotism in the Renaissance
Fernando Picó S.J., pp. 549–550

The Theology of Post-Reformation Lutheranism: A Study of Theological Prolegomena
Arthur Carl Piepkorn, pp. 550–551

Newman: The Contemplation of Mind
Vincent Ferrer Blehl S.J., pp. 551–554

Jung, Gods, and Modern Man
Thomas M. King S.J., pp. 554–555

Work, Society and Culture
Thomas Ewens, pp. 555–557

Der priesterliche Dienst: Ursprung und Frühgeschichte
James C. Turro, pp. 557–558

The Origin and Evolution of the Priesthood: A Return to the Sources, Priest: Person and Ministry, the Christian Priesthood
Lawrence J. Madden S.J., pp. 558–560

A National Pastoral Council Pro and Con
John T. Finnegan, pp. 560–563

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