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Reviews & Shorter Notices – September 1988

The Narrative Covenant: Transformation of Genre in the Growth of Biblical Literature
Frederick L. Moriarty S.J., pp. 529–530

Acts of the Apostles: A Commentary
Raymond E. Brown S.S., pp. 530–531

Christ and His Benefits: Christology and Redemption in the New Testament
Stanley Y. Marrow, pp. 531–532

Led deux tropaires d’apt, mss. 17 et 18: Inventaire analytique des mss. et Édition des textes uniques, Pax et sapientia: Studies in Text and Music of Liturgical Tropes and Sequences in emory of Gordon Anderson, Prosules de la Messe 2: Les prosules limousines de Wolfenbüttel. Edition critique des prosules de l’alleluia du manuscrit Wolfenbüttel, Herzog August Bibliothek Cod. Guelf. 79 Gud. lat
Richard L. Crocker, pp. 533–535

Christian Spirituality: High Middle Ages and Reformation
Donald F. Duclow, pp. 535–536

Ignatius of Loyola and the Founding of the Society of Jesus
John W. O’Malley S.J., pp. 536–539

Godly Learning: Puritan Attitudes towards Reason, Learning, and Education, 1560–1640
Donald D. McKim, pp. 539–540

Religion in England 1688–1791
John Booty, pp. 540–542

At the Origins of Modern Atheism
John S. Dunne, pp. 542–544

Pascal et Jean de la Croix
George H. Tavard, pp. 544–545

The Spirituality of Cornelia Connelly: In God, for God, with God
Annabelle M. Melville, pp. 545–547

James Duhig
Paul Chandler O.Carm., pp. 547–548

Theism, Atheism and the Doctrine of the Trinity: The Trinitarian Theologies of Karl Barth and Jürgen Moltmann in Response to Protest Atheism
Joseph A. Bracken S.J., pp. 549–550

Models of God: Theology for an Ecological, Nuclear Age
Robert Schreiter C.PP.S. , pp. 550–551

Body Broken and Blood Shed: The Eucharist of the Risen Christ
John H. McKenna C.M., pp. 551–553

John M. McDermott S.J., pp. 553–555

The Theological Aesthetics of Hans Urs von Balthasar, the Analogy of Beauty: The Theology of Hans urs von Balthasar
John R. Sachs S.J., pp. 555–557

The Ethics of Discourse: The Social Philosophy of John Courtney Murray
J. Bryan Hehir, pp. 557–559

Narrative and Morality: A Theological Inquiry
Terrence W. Tilley, pp. 559–561

Friedenspolitik mit militärischen Mitteln: Eine Ethische Analyse Strategischer Ansätze, Die strategische Verteidigungsinitiative als ethische Frage, Die strategische Verteidigungsinitiative im Spannungsfeld von Politik und Ethik
J. Brian Benestad, pp. 561–564

Black Theology in Dialogue, the Way of the Black Messiah: The Hermeneutical Challenge of Black Theology as a Theology of Liberation
John P. Hogan, pp. 564–565

The Believer and the Powers That are: Cases, History and other Data Bearing on the Relation of Religion and Government
John A. Coleman S. J., pp. 565–568

Keeping the Faith: American Catholicism past and Present
Patricia Byrne, pp. 568–569

Gospel, Church, and Kingdom: Comparative Studies in World Mission Theology, Mission Theology: An Introduction
Simon E. Smith S.J., pp. 569–571

Fireball and the Lotus: Emerging Spirituality from Ancient Roots
Francis X. Clooney S.J., pp. 571–572

Shorter Notices
pp. 573–589

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