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Reviews & Shorter Notices – September 1990

The Bible’s First History: From Eden to the Court of David with the Yahwist
John N. Endres S.J., pp. 509–510

The New Testament and Its Modern Interpreters
Richard J. Dillon, pp. 510–513

The Disciples according to Mark: Markan Redaction in Current Debate
William R. Herzog, pp. 513–515

Lord of the Banquet: The Literary and Theological Significance of the Lukan Travel Narrative
Dennis Hamm S.J., pp. 515–517

Faith and Wealth: A History of Early Christian Ideas on the Origin, Significance, and Use of Money
Luke T. Johnson, pp. 517–518

The Evidential Force of Religious Experience
J. A. Colombo, pp. 519–520

Christian Belief in a Postmodern World: The Full Wealth OF Conviction
John H. Wright S.J., pp. 520–522

The Trinitarian Faith: The Evangelical Theology of the Ancient Catholic Church
Joseph A. Bracken S.J., pp. 522–524

To the Image of the Trinity: A Study in the Development of Aquinas’ Teaching
David B. Burrell C.S.C., pp. 524–526

Jésus-Christ l’unique médiateur: Essai sur la rédemption et le salut
James L. Heft S.M., pp. 526–527

Theology and Church
Ladislas Orsy S.J., pp. 527–529

Servant Leaders of the People of God: An Ecclesial Spirituality for American Priests
Robert Kress, pp. 530–532

Ecclesia Anglicana: Studies in the English Church of the Later Middle Ages, Church and Society in Later Medieval England
Thomas E. Morrissey, pp. 532–535

The Medieval Idea of Marriage
Theodore Mackin S.J. , pp. 535–537

Media salutis: Zur Heilsvermittlung bei Calvin
Franz Posset, pp. 537–538

Fire Within: St. Teresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross, and the Gospel—On Prayer
Steven Payne O.C.D., pp. 539–540

Cross and Sword: An Eyewitness History of Christianity in Latin America
Ernest S. Sweeney S.J., pp. 540–542

Awash in a Sea of Faith: Christianizing the American People
Eldon N. Ernst, pp. 543–545

Lebendige Treue zum Ursprung: Das Traditionsverständnis Yves Congars
William Henn O.F.M.Cap., pp. 545–547

The Critical Calling: Reflections on Moral Dilemmas since Vatican II
James Gaffney, pp. 547–549

The Giving and Taking of Life: Essays Ethical
Edward Collins Vacek S.S., pp. 549–551

Orthopraxis or Heresy: The North American Response to Latin American Liberation Theology
Michael J. Schuck, pp. 551–552

Pastoral Counsel
Robert L. Kinast, pp. 552–554

Krsna and Christ
Francis X. Clooney S.J., pp. 554–556

Shorter Notices
pp. 556–571

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