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Reviews & Shorter Notices – September 1996

Text, Church and World: Biblical Interpretation in Theological Perspective
John Topel S.J. pp. 522–523

Who are the People of God? Early Christian Models of Community
Frank J. Matera ,pp. 523–525

Lydia’s Impatient Sisters: A Feminist Social History of Early Christianity
Carolyn Osiek R.S.C.J. pp. 525–526
The Origins of the Eucharistic Prayer
John F. Baldovin S.J. pp. 526–528
Public Disputation, Power, and Social Order in Late Antiquity
Margaret A. Schatkin pp. 529–530

Isidore de Péluse
Paul J. Fedwick , pp. 530–531
Maxime le Confesseur: Essence et energies de Dieu
George C. Berthold pp. 531–533
Eros and Allegory: Medieval Exegesis of the Song of Songs
E. Ann Matter , pp. 533–535

Religion and Devotion in Europe, c. 1215—c. 1515
Penny J. Cole ,pp. 535–537

The Common Legal Past of Europe, 1000–1800
Ladislas Orsy S.J. pp. 537–538
Emerson: The Mind on Fire
Donald L. Gelpi S.J. ,pp. 538–540
The Ecclesiology of Karl Rahner
William V. Dych S.J. pp. 540–542

The Divine Initiative: Grace, World-Order, and Human Freedom in the Early Writings of Bernard Lonergan
Bernard J. Tyrrell S.J. pp. 542–543

The Theology of Jürgen Moltmann
Martin R. Tripole S.J. pp. 544–545
Figuring the Sacred: Religion, Narrative, and Imagination
Peter E. Fink S.J. pp. 545–547
Christology: A Biblical, Historical, and Systematic Study of Jesus
James L. Heft S.M. pp. 547–549

Resurrection and Discipleship: Interpretive Models, Biblical Reflections, Theological Consequences
Luke T. Johnson pp. 549–550
Symbol and Sacrament: A Sacramental Reinterpretation of Christian Existence
Regis A. Duffy O.F.M. pp. 550–552
Beyond Feminism: Toward a Dialogue on Difference
Marie Anne Mayeski pp. 552–553
Caminemos con Jesús: Toward a Hispanic/Latino Theology of Accompaniment
Allan Figueroa Deck S.J. pp. 553–555
Virtues of the Will: The Transformation of Ethics in the Late Thirteenth Century
Gerald Gleeson pp. 555–557

Richard A. McCormick and the Renewal of Moral Theology
William P. George pp. 557–558

Responsibility and Christian Ethics
Stephen J. Pope pp. 558–560
Practical Decision Making in Health Care Ethics: Cases and Concepts
Thomas R. Kopfensteiner pp. 560–561

On Being the Church in the United States: Contemporary Theological Critiques of Liberalism
John A. Coleman S.J. pp. 561–563

Shorter Notices
pp. 563–577

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