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Reviews & Shorter Notices – September 2002

The Social Visions of the Hebrew Bible: A Theological Introduction
Gina Hens-Piazza, pp.601–602

Sprache, Stil, und historischer Ort des zweiten Petrusbriefes
Anders Gerdmar, pp.602–604

After Paul Left Corinth: The Influence of Secular Ethics and Social Change
Alan C. Mitchell, pp. 604–605

The Power of God: Dunamis in Gregory of Nyssa’s Trinitarian Theology
Kevin Mongrain, pp.606–607

At the Gates of Christendom: Jews, Muslims, and “Pagans” in Medieval Hungary, c. 1000–c. 1300
Steven J. McMichael O.F.M. Conv., pp. 607–609

Theology at Paris, 1316–1345: Peter Auriol and the Problem of Divine Foreknowledge and Future Contingents
Joseph Wawrykow, pp.609–610

Ignatius von Loyola: Mystik, Theologie, Kirche
John W. O’Malley S.J.,610–612

Theologie: Text im Kontext: Auf der Suche nach der Methode ideologiekritischer Analyse der Theologie, illustriert an Werken von Drey, Möhler, und Staudenmaier
Paul Misner, pp.612–614

Edward Sorin
Robert E. Burns, pp.614–615

On Niebuhr: A Theological Study
Theodore R. Weber, pp. 616–617

Deus Trinitas: The Doctrine of the Triune God
William Thompson-Uberuaga, pp.617–619

The Trinity in German Thought
Cyril O’Regan, pp.619–620

Le Magistère à l’épreuve: Autorité, vérité et liberté dans l’église
Ladislas Orsy S.J., pp.620–622

Il Cristianesimo e le religioni: Dallo scontro all’incontro
Michael Amaladoss S.J., pp. 622–624

Church Unity and the Papal Office: An Ecumenical Dialogue on John Paul II’s Encyclical Ut unum sint (That All May Be One)
George Vandervelde, pp.624–625

Justification: The Heart of the Christian Faith
Paul DeHart, pp.625–627

Die Mysterien des Lebens Jesu bei Karl Rahner: Zugang zum Christusglauben
John O’Donnell S.J., pp. 627–628

Dictionary of Popes and the Papacy
Michael W. Gallagher, pp.629–630

Conscience and other Virtues: From Bonaventure to MacIntyre
Linda Hogan, pp. 630–632

Sexual Diversity and Catholicism: Toward the Development of Moral Theology
Elizabeth Stuart, pp.632–633

Reforming Christianity
Peter Candler, pp.633–635

The Visual Culture of American Religion
Sandra Yocum Mize,pp.635–637

Karl Rahner and Ignatian Spirituality
Carl F. Starkloff S.J.,pp.637–638

Umar ibn al-Fāriḍ: Sufi Verse’ Saintly Life
Omid Safi, pp.638–640

Naturalism and Religion
T. Michael McNulty S.J. pp. 640–641

Shorter Notices
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