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Reviews & Shorter Notices – September 2007

The Epistle of Jude: Its Text and Transmission
Rene Kieffer, pp. 683–684

Theology as History, History as Theology: Paul in Ephesus in Acts 19
Richard J. Dillon, pp. 684–685

Christology and Discipleship in the Gospel of Mark
Elliott C. Maloney O.S.B., pp. 685–687

Prophecy and Discernment
Paul Fitzgerald S.J., pp. 687–688

Eastern Christianity
Michael A. Fahey S.J., pp. 688–690

Bound Choice, Election, and Wittenberg Theological Method: From Martin Luther to the Formula of Concord
Theodor Dieter, pp. 690–691

Erasmus, Contarini and the Religious Republic of Letters
William V. Hudon, pp. 691–693

A Brief History of Vatican II, Vatican II: Forty Years Later
Thomas E. Buckley S.J., pp. 693–695

Hispanic Christian Thought at the Dawn of the 21st Century: Apuntes in Honor of Justo L. González
Allan Figueroa Deck S.J., pp. 695–696

Yves Congar: Theologian of the Church
Joseph G. Mueller S.J., pp. 696–698

Theologie Ist Biographie: Erinnerungen und Notizen
Thomas F. O’Meara O.P., pp. 698–699

Présence et Parousie
M. John Farrelly O.S.B., pp. 700–701

Jesus and Creativity
Roger Haight S.J., pp. 701–703

The Trinity: Rediscovering the Central Christian Mystery
Gloria L. Schaab, pp. 703–704

Heart of the Cross: A Postcolonial Christology
Gerard Hall S.M., pp. 704–705

The Dynamism of Desire: Bernard J. F. Lonergan on the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius of Loyola
Richard M. Liddy, pp. 705–707

Alone in the World? Human Uniqueness in Science and Theology
Peter Slater, pp. 707–709

Theology as Performance: Music, Aesthetics, and God in Western Thought
William Thompson-Uberuaga, pp. 709–710

Song Divine: Christian Commentaries on the Bhagavad Gītā
John N. Sheveland, pp. 710–712

Just Love: A Framework for Christian Sexual Ethics
Cristina L. H. Traina, pp. 712–714

Practicing Catholic: Ritual, Body, and Contestation in Catholic Faith
Keith F. Pecklers S.J., pp. 714–715

The Handbook of Reparations
Stephen J. Pope, pp. 715–717

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