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Jürgen Mettepenningen

The “Third Way” of the Modernist Crisis, Precursor of Nouvelle Théologie: Ambroise Gardeil, O.P., and Léonce de Grandmaison, S.J.

The article focuses on what connects the Modernist crisis and the crisis surrounding la nouvelle théologie. Focusing mainly on the work of Ambroise Gardeil, O.P., and Léonce de Grandmaison, S.J., the author shows that representatives of a so-called “third way” (between Modernism and anti-Modernism) were the spiritual fathers of the protagonists of la nouvelle théologie.


Vatican II has more than a simple historical interest. What truly counts is comprehending its contemporary relevance and bearing its heritage within ourselves today. If we focus on the council’s governing ideas and adopt the Council Fathers’ method of posing problems rather than limiting ourselves to commenting on the texts’ conclusions, we can apply this

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