A journal of academic theology

Christiaan Jacobs-Vandegeer

Sacred Heart, Beatific Mind: Exploring the Consciousness of Jesus

Traditional Christologies have focused attention on the question of Jesus’ beatific knowing. On the other hand, recent explorations into Spirit Christology raise different questions about his affectivity. Both issues highlight a concern with Jesus’ psychological experience. The present article proposes that both these issues can be fruitfully examined through the lens of the psychological analogy for the Trinity. In particular, Bernard Lonergan’s developments of the analogy drawing as they do on the experience of grace, shed a new and helpful light on the question of Jesus’ knowing and loving. This approach alleviates some of the more problematic aspects of the traditional approach to Jesus’ beatific vision, while also providing a more solid trinitarian basis for Catholic devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

The Finality of Christ and the Religious Alternative

This article shows how the modern category of religion largely shapes the horizon of many contemporary theological appropriations of the finality of Christ, and how the influence of this category creates serious problems. Though affirming Christ’s finality often seems to pose theological difficulties in religiously pluralistic contexts, I argue that it is not at all

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