A journal of academic theology

J. J. Carney

The People Who Do All Things Together: Living Base Ecclesial Communities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

This article analyzes the pastoral practice and ecclesiological vision of living base ecclesial communities (CEVBs) in the Democratic Republic of the Congo through a case study in the Diocese of Tshumbe. Contextualizing this within the broader history of Global South base communities, the author argues that CEVBs exemplify Vatican II’s people of God ecclesiology and Africa’s image of the church as the family of God. They also embody Pope Francis’s calls for a more synodal and dialogical church that empowers laity, provides opportunities for women’s leadership, and integrates faith and social concern.

A Generation After Genocide: Catholic Reconciliation in Rwanda

Despite the Catholic Church’s majority status and deep historical influence in Rwanda, Catholic reconciliation work in postgenocide Rwanda has received scant scholarly attention. This article addresses this lacuna through analysis of four separate Rwandan Catholic reconciliation initiatives in prison ministry, parish ministry, justice and peace commissions, and a spiritual retreat center. The author argues that

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