A journal of academic theology

Ligita Ryliškytė, S.J.E.

Metaphor and Analogy in Theology: A Choice between Lions and Witches, and Wardrobes?

Through a reconsideration of metaphorical language in its relation to analogy, this essay brings into conversation the divergent currents of spirituality and theology. The author advocates a theological approach which values and appropriately employs both analogical and figurative language as the means for integrating the speculative and spiritual dimensions of theological discourse. In particular, by

Post-Gulag Christology: Contextual Considerations from a Lithuanian Perspective

This article aims at enriching the global theology of Jesus Christ by offering a contribution to Christology from an Eastern European perspective. Such Christology emerges in the context of the experience of the Gulag era as interpreted in the following period. From the viewpoint of one Baltic nation, Lithuania, the author draws on an influential

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