A journal of academic theology

Volume 60 Number 3

Reviews & Shorter Notices – September 1999

Engaging Scripture: A Model for Theological Interpretation Schuyler Brown, pp. 538–539 Thinking Biblically: Exegetical and Hermeneutical Studies Sean McEvenue, pp. 539–541 Abraham on Trial: The Social Legacy of Biblical Myth Edward M. O’Flaherty S.J., pp. 541–542 Go and Do Likewise: Jesus and Ethics Frank J. Matera, pp. 542–543 The Streets of Heaven: The Ideology of

September 1999 editorial

That theology is a useful pursuit is rarely questioned by serious minded believers. Even church agencies committed to regulating theological speculation do not question the value of theology as such, only theology perceived as too venturesome or irresponsible. Those preparing for Church ministry are expected–and rightly so–to study the science and art of theology lest

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