A journal of academic theology

Volume 62 Number 3

September 2001 editorial

Paraphrasing the lament of one of Gilbert and Sullivans operettas, I am sometimes tempted to hum “An editor’s job is not a happy one.” Work load includes drudgery (proof reading), worries (statistics on subscriptions), dread (writing non-acceptance letters), and tensions (meeting deadlines). Fortunately, that is not the whole picture. I also experience notable satisfactions: seeing

Reviews & Shorter Notices – September 2001

The Making of the Bibles Moralisées Leonard Greenspoon, pp. 607–608 Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews: A Jewish Life and the Emergence of Christianity Dennis Hamm S.J., pp. 608–610 The Apostle of God: Paul and the Promise of Abraham Susan A. Calef, pp. 610–611 The Cultic Origins of Christianity: The dynamics of religious development

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