A journal of academic theology

Volume 67 Number 2

Against Forgetting: Memory History Vatican II

The author argues that in the present discussion over the meaning of Vatican II, considered from the historical vantage point of 40 years, the council needs to be resituated as an event of the mid-20th century. Its break with the past, embodied in ruptures and reversals of long-standing Catholic mentalités, must be seen as a

Revelation and Interiority: The Contribution of Frederick E. Crowe S.J.

The article invites a reconsideration of our reflection on revelation in the light of both Frederick Crowe’s achievement in his Theology of the Christian Word and Vatican II’s call for a pastoral and ecumenical theology. Crowe’s text invites us to shift from a reflection on concepts of revelation to a reflection based on interiority. Such

Strange Fruit: Black Suffering/White Revelation

Christian eschatology provides a compelling mystical-political framework both for unmasking the historical visage of racism and for calling White believers to conversion and racial solidarity. Juxtaposing the memoria passionis of the Black community with Vatican II’s mysticism of communion with the dead, the author asks what it would mean for White Christians to place themselves

Authority Lies and War: Democracy and the Just War Theory

The American government’s use of deception in making its case for the Iraq War to the American people, argues the author, revealed a deficit in the integration of democratic ideas into Catholic conceptions of just war theory. The article places the call for the deeper integration of such ideas into Catholic thought on war and

Response to Karl Becker S.J. on the Meaning of Subsistit in

In a recent issue of L’Osservatore Romano Karl Becker argued that, contrary to a common interpretation of the change made in the drafting of Lumen gentium no. 8 from est to subsistit in, Vatican II never departed from its original affirmation of total identity between the Church of Christ and the Roman Catholic Church. Fellow

Reviews & Shorter Notices – May 2006

John Marco Allegro: The Maverick of the Dead Sea Scrolls Joseph A. Fitzmyer S.J. pp. 410–411 The Cambridge History of Early Christian Literature Peter W. Martens pp. 411–414 Augustine: A New Biography Roland J. Teske S.J. pp. 414–415 The Church Unfinished: Ecclesiology through the Centuries Richard F. Costigan S.J. pp. 415–417 Cities of God: The

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