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June 2005 editorial

As a long-time student of Vatican protocol, I had been regularly updating my database regarding the papal elector cardinals and reviewing procedures established by Universi dominici gregis(1996) so that, following the death of the reigning pope, I could assist local TV anchors, journalists, and radio commentators who felt intimidated by the complexities of the conclave. As

March 2005 editorial

Before the closing days of 2004, I venture to estimate that only a small group of world inhabitants knew the meaning and correct pronunciation of the Japanese term “tsunami” (from tsu, harbor; and nami, wave). Yet, overnight, following the horrendous earthquake of December 26, the term became a household word conjuring up dread and fear. In the

December 2004 editorial

I write these reflections in mid-October 2004, several weeks before the U.S. presidential election. It is also some six weeks before the celebration of American Thanksgiving and even further removed from the Christmas liturgical season during which subscribers may be reading these lines and this issues articles and book reviews. The editorials early deadline explains

September 2004 editorial

The Board of Directors of Theological Studies, concluding a national search, has named David Schultenover, S.J., the present book review editor and professor of historical theology at Marquette University, as associate editor. Effective January 1, 2006, he will become the journals editor in chief,  succeeding Michael Fahey, S.J., who by then will have completed a ten-year

June 2004 editorial

From the Editor’s Desk Long in planning, this issue of Theological Studies devoted to the neglected theme Encountering Latino and Latina Catholic Theology has been realized through the labors of the authors and the organizational efforts of Kenneth Davis, O.F.M. Conv., who early on conceived the project. I have invited him to compose a guest editorial in order to

March 2004 editorial

The year 2004 invites the worldwide Catholic theological community to commemorate the one-hundredth anniversary of the birth of four towering theologians all of whom were born in the year 1904: Yves Congar (d. 1995), Karl Rahner (d. 1984), Bernard Lonergan (d. 1984), and John Courtney Murray (d. 1967). In a number of international academic centers

December 2003 editorial

Since my editorial musings are written almost two months before their publication, much can happen in the intervening weeks. It is mid-October as I mull over various themes, a time that encompasses the 25th anniversary of Pope John Paul IIs election to the papal office. This week also celebrates the beatification of Mother Teresa of

September 2003 editorial

By the time this September issue of Theological Studies reaches your mailbox, many of the North American colleges and universities will already be in the throes of another academic year. The time frame between the close of one school year and the opening of another seems to get shorter each year. Among my pleasant memories of the

June 2003 editorial

Several years ago, at the suggestion of Francis X. Clooney, I invited a team of scholars in world religions to prepare a special issue forTheological Studies, one that would explore how persons in several of the worlds living faiths understand other religions, especially Christianity and Catholicism in particular, in the light of their own religious

March 2003 editorial

The unusual sub-freezing temperatures that gripped much of the U.S.A. in the first months of this year brought hardship and suffering to financially challenged persons, especially the elderly who are locked in with a fixed income. Why is it that in a country with so much affluence (despite the downturn of the stock market) the

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