A journal of academic theology

Reviews & Shorter Notices – December 1946

Back to the Bible
James E. Coleran S. J., pp. 590–591

The Psalter in the Westminster Version of the Sacred Scriptures
James E. Coleran S.J., pp. 591–592

Christianity According to St. John
Edwin D. Sanders S. J., pp. 592–593

The Parables of the Kingdom
Edward J. Hodous S.J., pp. 593–594

The Nature and Purpose of the Gospels
Laurence J. McGinley S. J., pp. 594–599

The First Epistle of St. Peter
John T. Curran S.J., pp. 599–601

The Commentary of Levi ben Gerson (Gersonides) on the Book of Job
Patrick Skehan S.T.D., pp. 601–602

De Deo in Operatione Naturae vel Voluntatis Operante
Bernard Lonergan S. J., pp. 602–613

De Sacramentis in Genere
J. P. Haran S. J., pp. 613–614

Praxis Matrimonialis ad Usum Parochi et Confessarii
James E. Risk S.J., pp. 615–616

Medical Ethics for Nurses
G. Kelly S. J., pp. 616–618

Justice and the Social Order
William F. Drummond S.J., pp. 618–621

Counsels to Confessors: A Discourse Addressed to an Assembly of Missionary Priests
Phomas E. Henneberry S. J., pp. 618

L’Exgégèse de s. Augustin Prédicateur
A. C. Cotter S. J., pp. 621–623

Augustine’s Quest of Wisdom: Life and Philosophy of the Bishop of Hippo
Anton C. Pegis, pp. 623–626

The Theory of Knowledge of Hugh of Saint Victor
William F. Finneran S. J., pp. 626–627

Les étapes de rédaction des Exercices de s. Ignace
Francis X. Lawlor S. J., pp. 627–631

The New Modernism
William F. Finneran S.J., pp. 631–637

Christianity Rightly so Called
Leo A. Hogue S.J., pp. 637–641

Major Trends in American Church History
Charles H. Metzger S. J., pp. 641–642

Religion in America
Wm. L. Lucey S. J., pp. 642–643

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