A journal of academic theology

Reviews & Shorter Notices – December 1984

Somatic Comprehension of Unity: The Church in Ephesus
Robert F. O’Toole S.J., pp. 728–729

In Memory of Her: A Feminist Theological Reconstruction of Christian Origins
Robert Kress, pp. 729–731

The Westminster Dictionary of Christian Theology
Monika K. Hellwig, pp. 731–732

God and Skepticism: A Study in Skepticism and Fideism
Terrence W. Tilley, pp. 732–734

Yesterday and Today: A Study of Continuities in Christology
James Heft S.M., pp. 734–736

Justification: An Ecumenical Study
Randy L. Maddox, pp. 736–737

Die Einsetzung der Sakramente durch Christus: Eine Untersuchung zur Sacramententheologie der Frühscholastik von Anselm von Laon bis zu Wilhelm von Auxerre
Edward J. Kilmartin S.J., pp. 737–739

Prophecy in Early Christianity and the Ancient Mediterranean World
David Greenwood, pp. 739–740

The Mind of St. Bernard of Clairvaux
Glenn W. Olsen, pp. 740–741

Acta Cusana: Quellen zur Lebensgeschichte des Nikolaus von Kues
James E. Biechler, pp. 741–742

Rhetoric and Reform: Erasmus’ Civil Dispute with Luther
Jared Wicks S.J., pp. 742–744

Coena Domini 1: Die Abendmahlsliturgie der Reformationskirchen im 16./17
Edward J. Kilmartin S.J., pp. 744–745

The Concept of Glaubenslehre: Ernst Troeltsch and the Theological Heritage of Schleiermacher
John E. Thiel , pp. 745–747

Gandhi’s Religious Thought
Wayne Teasdale, pp. 747–748

Jacques Maritain and the French Catholic Intellectuals
E. Gerard Carroll, pp. 748–750

Le merveilleux accord de l’homme et de Dieu: Etude de l’analogie de l’être chez Hans Urs von Balthasar
Thomas F. O’Meara O.P., pp. 750–751

The Use of the Bible in Christian Ethics: A Constructive Essay
Edward Vacek S.J., pp. 751–753

Fundamentals of Ethics
Joseph A. La Barge, pp. 753–754

The Way of the Lord Jesus 1: Christian Moral Principles
John R. Connery S.J., pp. 754–756

The Peaceable Kingdom: A Primer in Christian Ethics
Philip J. Rossi S.J., pp. 756–758

Pastoral Letters of the United States Catholic Bishops 1792–1983 1: 1792–1940; 2: 1941–1961; 3: 1962–1974; 4: 1975–1983
J. Brian Benestad, pp. 758–760

Ministry, the Gospel and its Proclamation
John T. Cummings, pp. 760–762

Religious Ethics and Pastoral Care, Life Cycle Theory and Pastoral Care, a Roman Catholic Theology of Pastoral Care
Michael J. McGinniss F.S.C., pp. 762–764

Formative Spirituality 1: Fundamental Formation
George Aschenbrenner S.J., pp. 764–766

Beyond Objectivism and Relativism: Science, Hermeneutics, and Praxis
Terrence W. Tilley, pp. 766–767

Shorter Notices
pp. 768–784

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