A journal of academic theology

Reviews & Shorter Notices – February 1946

Religious Liberty: An Inquiry
E. A. Ryan S.J. John Courtney Murray S.J., pp. 146–163

The Psalms (The American Edition of Liber Psalmorum cum Canticis Breviarii Romani
James E. Coleran S.J., pp. 163–167

The Christian Sacrifice
D. J. M. Callahan S.J., pp. 167–169

Finite and Infinite
Herbert Thomas Schwartz T.O.P., pp. 169–175

Praelectiones Theologico-Morales Comillenses, II: Tractatus de Legibus
H. R. Werts S.J., pp. 175–177

An Encyclopedia of Religion
Cyril Vollert S.J., pp. 177–180

Eastern Catholic Worship
Neil J. Twombly S.J., pp. 180–181

The Attitude toward Labor in Early Christianity and Ancient Culture
J. Charles Short, pp. 181–182

The Heart of Man
Clement Demuth S.J., pp. 182–183

A History of Unitarianism: Socinianism and its Antecedents
Francis X. Curran S.J., pp. 184–185

The Priest of the Fathers
F. V. Courneen S.J., pp. 185–186

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