A journal of academic theology

Reviews & Shorter Notices –February 1955

God, Man and the Universe
George S. Glanzman S.J., pp.120

Internationale Zeitschriftenschau für Bibelwissenschaft und Grenzgebiete, I (1951–1952)
George S. Glanzman S.J., pp. 121

Cults and Creeds in Graeco-Roman Egypt
George S. Glanzman S.J., pp. 121–123

La sainte Bible
R. A. F. MacKenzie S.J., pp. 123–126

Old Testament in Modern Research
George S. Glanzman S.J., pp.126–127

A Theology of Salvation. A Commentary on Isaiah 40–55
R. A. F. MacKenzie S.J., pp.127–130

New Testament Studies
John J. Collins S.J., pp.130–132

Les Béatitudes: Le problème littéraire; le message doctrinal
Herbert A. Musurillo S.J., pp.132–133

Jesus and the Future
Eric May O.F.M.Cap., pp. 134–137

The Woman Clothed with the Sun (Ap. 12). Individual or Collective?
John J. Collins S.J., pp. 137–138

The Apostolic Succession in the First Two Centuries of the Church
Henry G. J. Beck, pp.138–140

Les Trois Chapitres au Concile de Chalcédoine. Une étude de l’Anatolie ancienne
Thomas E. Clarke S.J., pp.140–143

Vom Wesen und Aufbau katholischer Theologie
Gerald Van Ackeren S.J., pp.143–145

Introduction to Theology
Patrick J. Sullivan S.J., pp.145–146

The Human Element in the Church of Christ
Vincent T. O’Keefe S.J..pp. 147–148

The Mystical Christ
Paul F. Palmer S.J. pp.148–149

Du Protestantisme à l’église
John A. Hardon S.J. pp.149–151

Le rôle du laïcat dans l’église
Francis M. Keating S.J. pp.151–152

The Liturgical Renaissance in the Roman Catholic Church
Edward J. Murray S.J. pp.152–153

Calvin’s Doctrine of the Word and Sacrament
Ernest V. McClear S.J. pp.153–155

Pio Nono
Charles H. Metzger S.J. pp.155–157

Katholische Moraltheologie, I: Die allgemeine Moral
E. F. Sheridan S.J. pp.158–160

Proceedings of the 1953 Sisters’ Institute of Spirituality, the Apostolate of Chastity
Francis X. Peirce S.J. pp.16016.1.reviews-notices

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