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Reviews & Shorter Notices -February 2002

Das Namensmissbrauch-Verbot (Exodus 20,7/DTN 5,11): Bedeutung, Entstehung, und frühe Wirkungsgeschichte
Robert North S.J., pp.161–162

Invitation to the Septuagint
Frederick W. Knobloch, pp.162–164

The First Epistle to the Corinthians
John Byron, pp.164–165

Studies in Ephesians: Introductory Questions, Text- & Edition-Critical Issues, Interpretation of Texts and Themes
Marion L. Soards, pp.165–167

Medieval Exegesis: The Four Senses of Scripture
E. Ann Matter, pp.167–169

Romanization in the Time of Augustus
Geoffrey Bakewell, pp.169–170

The Early Christian World
A. M. Casiday,170–172

Augustine: Political Writings
Roland J. Teske S.J., pp.172–174

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Religion, War, Famine, and Death in Reformation Europe
William V. Hudon, pp.174–175

Mission to America: A History of Saint Vincent Archabbey, the First Benedictine Monastery in the United States
Isaac McDaniel, pp.175–177

Journal d’un théologien (1946–56)
Ladislas Orsy S. J., pp.177–179

The Problem of God in Modern Thought
John F. Haught, pp.179–180

Der gottbezogene Mensch: Eine systematische Untersuchung zur Bestimmung des Menschen und zur “Selbstverwirklichung” Gottes in der Anthropologie und Trinitätstheologie Wolfhart Pannenbergs
Joseph A. Bracken S.J., pp.180–182

The Trinitarian Foundation of Human Sexuality as Revealed by Christ according to Hans Urs von Balthasar: The Revelatory Significance of the Male Christ and the Male Ministerial Priesthood
Ralph Del Colle, pp.182–184

L’Antropologia cristiana tra modernità e postmodernità
Thomas Guarino, pp.184–185

The Study of Religion in an Age of Global Dialogue
T. Howland Sanks S.J., pp. 185–187

Flesh of the Church, Flesh of Christ: At the Source of the Ecclesiology of Communion
Paul Philibert O.P., pp.187–188

Democracy on Purpose: Justice and the Reality of God
Douglas Sturm, pp.188–190

The Public Forum and Christian Ethics
Jonathan Rothchild, pp. 190–191

Faithfulness and Fortitude: In Conversation with the Theological Ethics of Stanley Hauerwas
Edward Vacek S.J., pp.192–193

Landscapes of the Soul: The Loss of Moral Meaning in American Life
Mark Graham, pp.193–195

The Future of the Disabled in Liberal Society: An Ethical Analysis
Mary Jo Iozzio,pp.195–197

The Advent Project: The Later-Seventh-Century Creation of the Roman Mass Proper
Edward Foley O.F.M. Capuchin,pp.197–198

God, Death, and Time
Kevin Jung, pp.198–200

The Metaphysical Thought of Thomas Aquinas: From Finite Being to Uncreated Being
John M. McDermott S.J. pp. 200–202

Shorter Notices

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