A journal of academic theology

Reviews & Shorter Notices – May 1952

Submission in Suffering and Other Essays on Eastern Thought
John J. O’Farrell S.J., pp. 241–242

A Foreword to the Old Testament: An Essay of Elementary Introduction
Mitchell Dahood S.J., pp. 242–244

Book Review
R. A. F. Mackenzie S.J., pp. 244–247

Primitive Gospel Sources
Dominic J. Unger O.F.M.Cap., pp. 247–250

Book Review
Vernon J. Bourke, pp. 250–251

Our Savior and His Love for Us
Thomas G. O’Callaghan S.J., pp. 251–253

Maria, unsere hohe liebe Frau
Edward Hagemann S.J., pp. 253

The Fatherhood of St. Joseph
D. J. M. Callahan S.J., pp. 254–255

One and Holy
James L. Tyne S.J., pp. 255–257

James L. Tyne S. J., pp. 257–259

Die vielen Messen und das eine Opfer. Eine Untersuchung über die rechte Norm der Messhäufigkeit
Peter Mueller S.J., pp. 259–260

Die Liturgie der Sakramente
J. I. Hochban S.J., pp. 260–262

The Progress of the Liturgy
Damasus Winzen O.S.B., pp. 262–263

Von den letzten Dingen
Cyril Vollert S.J., pp. 263–266

Le mystère de la mort et sa célébration
Alfred C. Rush C.SS.R., pp. 266–269

Saint Benedict and His Times
Edward E. Malone O.S.B., pp. 269–271

La crise révolutionnaire
E. A. Ryan S.J., pp. 271–272

The Tudor Books of Private Devotion
John V. Curry S.J., pp. 272–274

Das Recht der Laien in der Kirche
Francis X. Lawlor S.J., pp. 274–275

Previews and Practical Cases: The Code of Canon Law, Book V, Delicts and Penalties, Canons 2195–2414
John J. Reed S.J., pp. 275–279

The Mystery of Being, II: Faith and Reality
Victor R. Yanitelli S.J., pp. 279–281

Edwin F. Healy S.J., pp. 281–284

Newer Ethical Problems in Medicine and Surgery
John J. McLaughlin S.J., pp. 284–286

Marriage, Morals, and Medical Ethics
Francis P. Furlong S.J., pp. 286–287

Medico-Moral Problems
John R. Connery S. J., pp. 287–289

Nature and Treatment of Mental Disorders
Hugh J. Bihler S.J., pp. 289–290

Our Bishops Speak: National Pastorals and Annual Statements of the Hierarchy of the United States, 1919–1951
Francis X. Curran S.J., pp. 290–291

Papal Pronouncements on the Political Order
Francis J. Grogan S.J., pp. 291–293

The Flight from God
Charles H. Metzger S.J., pp. 293–294

The Meaning of Civilization
Vincent C. Hopkins S.J., pp. 294–296

Philosophy of Nature
Joseph T. Clark S.J., pp. 296–297

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