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Reviews & Shorter Notices – May 1961

The Word of God: Approaches to the Mystery of the Sacred Scriptures
John L. McKenzie S.J. , pp. 280–281

Myth and Reality in the Old Testament
Myles M. Bourke , pp. 281–283

Le psautier selon Jérémie
pp. 283

Seven Books of Wisdom
Robert T. Siebeneck C.PP.S. , pp. 285–287

The Resurrection: A Biblical Study
D. M. Stanley S.J., pp. 287–288

Lordship and Discipleship
Neil J. McEleney C.S.P. , pp. 288–290

Pauline Mysticism: Christ in the Mystical Teaching of St. Paul. by Alfred Wikenhauser

John J. Collins S.J. , pp. 290–292

The Treasure of the Copper Scroll: The Opening and Decipherment of the Most Mysterious of the Dead Sea Scrolls, a Unique Inventory of Buried Treasure
Joseph A. Fitzmyer S.J., pp. 292–296

Natura und Dispositio: Untersuchung zum Naturbegriff und zur Denkform Tertullians
William P. Le Saint S.J., pp. 296–298

The Christian Philosophy of Saint Augustine, A Guide to the Thought of Saint Augustine
Thomas E. Clarke S.J., pp. 298–300

The Rule for Nuns of St. Caesarius of Arles: A Translation with a Critical Introduction
Henry G. J. Beck, pp. 300–302

Le miracle, signe de salut
Eugene I. Van Antwerp S.S. , pp. 302–303

Bewusstsein und Wissen Christi: Eine dogmatische Studie
Thomas E. Clarke S.J. , pp. 303–306

L’Idée de la royauté du Christ au moyen âge
Gerard Owens C.SS.R., pp. 306–308

After Nine Hundred Years: The Background of the Schism between the Eastern and Western Churches
Gustave Weigel S.J. , pp. 308–309

The Encounter of Religions: A Dialogue between the West and the Orient, with an Essay on the Prayer of Jesus
Polycarp Sherwood O.S.B. , pp. 309–314

The Churches and the Church: A Study of Ecumenism
Edward Duff S.J. , pp. 314–315

Revolution and Papacy, 1769–1846
Charles H. Metzger S.J. , pp. 315–317

Fundamentals of the Liturgy
Clifford Howell S.J. , pp. 317–319

Liturgisches Erbe und pastorale Gegenwart
John H. Miller C.S.C. , pp. 319–320

La loi du Christ: Théologie morale à l’intention des prêtres et des laïcs 3: La vie en communion fraternelle
Robert J. Kelly S.J. , pp. 321–322

Morality and Modern Warfare: The State of the Question, Atomare Kampfmittel und christliche Ethik: Diskussionsbeiträge deutscher Katholiken
Robert H. Springer S.J. , pp. 322–324

Northern Parish: A Sociological and Pastoral Study
John J. Kane, pp. 324–326

Soul and Psyche: An Enquiry into the Relationship of Psychiatry and Religion
Francis J. Braceland , pp. 326–327

The School Bus Law: A Case Study in Education, Religion, and Politics
William Kailer Dunn , pp. 327–329

Shorter Notices
pp. 329–349

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