A journal of academic theology

Reviews & Shorter Notices – September 1980

Tradition and Interpretation
Frederick L. Moriarty S.J., pp. 585–586

The Royal Son of God: The Christology of Matthew 1–2 in the Setting of the Gospel
Donald Senior C.P., pp. 586–587

“Sons of God”—“Seed of Abraham.”
R. F. O’Toole S.J., pp. 587–589

Face à la mort: Jésus et Paul
Casimir Bernas O.C.S.O., pp. 589–590

Message and Existence: An Introduction to Christian Theology
Drew Christiansen S.J., pp. 590–591

Faith in History and Society: Towards a Fundamental Practical Theology
Harvey D. Egan S.J., pp. 591–593

Rationality and Religious Belief
Terrence W. Tilley, pp. 593–594

The God of the Philosophers
Terrence W. Tilley, pp. 594–595

The Fragile Universe: An Essay in the Philosophy of Religions
John D. Ryan, pp. 595–597

The Future of Creation
William P. Frost, pp. 597–598

Christ Proclaimed: Christology as Rhetoric
John P. Galvin, pp. 598–599

The Experience and Language of Grace
Jerome M. Dittberner, pp. 600–601

Early Christian Literature and the Classical Intellectual Tradition: In Honorem Robert M. Grant
Gerard H. Ettlinger S.J., pp. 601–602

La Romanitas et le pape Léon le grand: L’Apport culturel des institutions impériales à la formation des structures ecclésiastiques
Robert B. Eno S.S., pp. 602–604

The Popes and the Papacy in the Early Middle Ages, 476–752
Joseph F. Kelly, pp. 604–605

Praise and Blame in Renaissance Rome: Rhetoric, Doctrine and Reform in the Sacred Orators of the Papal Court, C. 1450–1521
John C. Olin, pp. 605–607

Black Theology: A Documentary History, 1966–1979
John J. Carey, pp. 607–608

Theologies in Conflict: The Challenge of Juan Luis Segundo
John P. Hogan, pp. 608–610

Mission to Latin America: The Successes and Failures of a Twentieth-Century Crusade
Frederic J. Kelly S.J., pp. 610–612

History of Christian Ethics 1: From the New Testament to Augustine
Philip S. Keane S.S., pp. 612–613

Free and Faithful in Christ: Moral Theology for Priests and Laity 2: The Truth Will Set You Free
Vincent M. Burns S.J., pp. 613–614

Doing the Truth: The Quest for Moral Theology
Philip J. Rossi S.J., pp. 614–616

Pleasures and Pains: A Theory of Qualitative Hedonism
J. Giles Milhaven, pp. 616–617

Women in Western Political Thought
James V. Schall S.J., pp. 617–619

Small Futures: Children, Inequality, and the Limits of Liberal Reform
Daniel C. Maguire, pp. 619–620

Shorter Notices
pp. 621–636

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