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Theological Studies

Reviews & Shorter Notices – February 1942

A Preface to Christian Theology Clement De Muth S. J., PH.D., pp. 146–150 Christian Social Principles William E. Donnelly S.J., pp. 150–153 A Spanish Tudor Gerald Brennan S.J., pp. 153–155 Christian Attitude towards the Emperor in the Fourth Century F. O. Corcoran S.J., pp. 156–157 The Bible in Its Ancient and English Versions John J.

Reviews & Shorter Notices – December 1941

The Earliest Christian Liturgy Gerald Ellard S.J., PH.D., pp. 590–593 The Monastic Order in England F. O. Corcoran S.J., pp. 593–596 The Divine Crucible of Purgatory G. A. Ellard S.J., pp. 596–599 The Rise of the Social Gospel in American Protestantism Dorothy L. Book, pp. 599–601 Christian mysticism in the Elizabethan Age with its Background

Reviews & Shorter Notices – September 1941

Teleilat Ghassul. II. Compte Rendu des Fouilles de l’Institut Biblique Pontifical 1932–1936 William J. McGarry S.J., pp. 434–435 History of Jewish Education from 515 B.C. E. to 220 C.E. James E. Coleran S.J., pp. 435–436 Science, Philosophy and Religion: A Symposium Leo D. Sullivan S.J., pp. 436–438 Tennant’s Philosophical Theology John W. Moran S.J., pp.

Reviews & Shorter Notices – May 1941

His Many Mansions Aloysius C. Kemper S.J., pp. 275–277 A Philosophy of the Christian Revelation William J. McGarry S.J., pp. 277–280 The Doctrine of the Trinity Francis L. Sheerin S.J., pp. 281–282 Militant in Earth—Twenty Centuries of the Spread of Christianity E. L. Murphy S.J., pp. 282–283 The Letters of Saint Boniface E. A. Ryan

Reviews & Shorter Notices – February 1941

Theologia Fundamentalis Henry J. Martin S.J., pp. 128–130 The Social Gospel Re-Examined pp. 130–131 Studi storici e giuridici per il decennale delta Conciliazione tra la Santa Sede e l’Italia: I. Studi storici F. O. Corcoran S.J., pp. 132–136 De evolutione definitionis juris gentium Thomas E. Davitt S.J., pp. 136–138 Economics and Society pp. 138–141 The

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