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Reviews & Shorter Notices – December 1940

The Search for the Real Jesus. A Century of Historical Study pp. 461–462 Church and State in Russia James L. Monks S.J., pp. 463–466 National Socialism and the Roman Catholic Church, Religion in the Reich John Lafarge S.J., pp. 466–469 A Literary History of Religious Thought in France Edmund J. Hogan S.J., pp. 469–471 The

Reviews & Shorter Notices – September 1940

Philosophie de la religion Leo D. Sullivan S.J., pp. 320–321 Catholicisme: Les aspects sociaux de dogme Thomas J. Motherway S.J., pp. 321–324 Theologia Biblica D. A. Schmal S.J., pp. 324–327 The First Book of Psalms (Pss. I—XLI) Michael J. Gruenthaner S.J., pp. 327–328 Matthew, Mark and Luke. A Study in the Order and Interrelation of

Reviews & Shorter Notices – May 1940

The Lachish Letters M. J. Gruenthaner S. J., pp. 193–195 Christentum als Neuheitserlebnis A. C. Cotter S.J., pp. 195–197 Patrologia seu historia antiquae litteraturae ecclesiastiacae Augustine C. Wand S.J., pp. 197–198 On the University of Being in Meister Eckhart of Hochheim J. P. Haran S. J., pp. 198–202 La Universidad de Paris durante los Estudios

Reviews & Shorter Notices – February 1940

The Mind of Latin Christendom: 373–496 W. J. McGarry S. J., pp. 82–84 A Critical and Exegetical Commentary on the Book of Ezekiel M. J. Gruenthaner S. J., pp. 84–85 They Wrote on Clay George C. Ring S. J., pp. 85–87 Exégèse rabbinique et exégèse Paulinienne W. J. McGarry S. J., pp. 87–89 The Apocrypha,

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