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Michael A. Fahey S.J.

September 1999 editorial

That theology is a useful pursuit is rarely questioned by serious minded believers. Even church agencies committed to regulating theological speculation do not question the value of theology as such, only theology perceived as too venturesome or irresponsible. Those preparing for Church ministry are expected–and rightly so–to study the science and art of theology lest

June 1999 editorial

On February 27, 1999, the New York Times published a wry account regarding the sad state of academic writing in North America. Among the items reported was the fact that the journal Philosophy and Literature now holds an annual Bad Writing Contest with prizes going to the work of some top scholars. An Internet site

March 1999 editorial

Editorials in quarterly journals typically are written two or three months in advance. This morning, as I sit at my computer to greet readers of the first issue from our 60th year of publication, today’s date is January 22, 1999. Pope John Paul II at the shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe, in Mexico City,

December 1998 editorial

The recent deaths of two outstanding theologians have caused a sense of profound loss to the Catholic community. With the entry into eternal life of Bernhard Häring and Raymond Brown, Church and academy have been notably impoverished. Their deaths have prompted in me a note of poignancy since their passing marks the end of a

September 1998 editorial

Award ceremonies for achievement in the performing arts have become an annual ritual in our society. Films have Hollywood’s Academy Awards (the “Oscars”) and palmes d’or from Cannes. Stage productions, TV shows, musical recordings, have their Tonys, Emmys, and Gramophone awards. Nor is the written word neglected–from the prestigious Nobel awards, to the Pulitzer prizes, to recognitions

June 1998 editorial

In preparation for the jubilee celebrations connected with the coming millennium, the Vatican has asked that in public prayers and private devotions one year be particularly devoted to each person of the Trinity. The year 1998 has been designated as the year of the Holy Spirit. In his exhortation Tertio millennio adveniente, John Paul II observed:

March 1998 editorial

This semester at Marquette University a doctoral-level course is exploring “Theological Highlights of the Twentieth Century.” Professor and graduate students are surveying the last hundred years to formulate a preliminary assessment of this complex century rapidly coming to a close. These hundred years have seen harrowing wars and revolutions, human suffering on a scale beyond

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