A journal of academic theology

Volume 59 Number 2

June 1998 editorial

In preparation for the jubilee celebrations connected with the coming millennium, the Vatican has asked that in public prayers and private devotions one year be particularly devoted to each person of the Trinity. The year 1998 has been designated as the year of the Holy Spirit. In his exhortation Tertio millennio adveniente, John Paul II observed:

Reviews & Shorter Notices – May 1998

Jesus and the Victory of God Schuyler Brown pp. 322–323 Families in the New Testament World: Households and House Churches Antoinette Clark Wire pp. 323–324 Text and Truth: Redefining Biblical Theology Walter Brueggemann pp. 324–326 Methodius of Olympus: Diving Sovereignty, Human Freedom, and Life in Christ Pamela Bright pp. 326–328 Augustins Schrift “De utilitate credendi”:

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