A journal of academic theology

Volume 65 Number 3

September 2004 editorial

The Board of Directors of Theological Studies, concluding a national search, has named David Schultenover, S.J., the present book review editor and professor of historical theology at Marquette University, as associate editor. Effective January 1, 2006, he will become the journals editor in chief,  succeeding Michael Fahey, S.J., who by then will have completed a ten-year

The Indissolubility of Marriage: Reasons to Reconsider

[The present teaching of the Catholic Church on the doctrine of indissolubility of marriage has a complex history. It is based upon scriptural, sacramental, ethical, and canonical materials. Here the authors examine two questions: (a) is the teaching capable of change, and (b) is the evidence from the tradition adequate to support the present teaching?

Homosexuality and the Counsel fo the Cross

[The papal magisterium counsels gay Catholics to join their sufferings to the Cross of Christ. This counsel raises questions concerning its assumptions about the complex reality of homosexuality, suffering as a dimension of human sexuality, and the meaning of the Cross. The implied theological anthropology may lead to the conclusion that a “crucifixion” of the

The Magisterium’s Arguments Against Same-Sex Marriage: An Ethical Analysis and Critique

[The author examines the arguments used by the magisterium against same-sex marriage. Most of these arguments have features that make them problematic for public debate in pluralistic societies. The most plausible argument concerns the health of marriage as an institution within which adults take responsibility for child rearing. If the magisterium wishes to present a

Hans urs von Balthasar and Contemporary Feminist Theology

[The author initiates a dialogue between Hans Urs von Balthasar and contemporary feminist theology, focusing on three areas: theological anthropology, theological method, and Christology. Each section begins by exploring Balthasar’s theological standpoint. This is followed by feminist responses to the themes and questions raised by his theology, both favorable and critical. She concludes by exploring

The Ethics of Trade Policy in Catholic Political Economy

[Increased international trade characterizes economic globalization. Three views of such trade can be found in Catholic political economy. (1) From the 1930s to the mid-1960s: a strong defense of free trade. (2) From the mid-1960s to the mid-1970s: suspicion of free trade as exploiting poorer nations. (3) From the 1990s to the present: free trade

Cohabitation: Past and Present Reality: A Response to Lisa Sowle Cahill

[Social scientific research, here only briefly summarized, discriminates between nuptial cohabitors, who have already made the commitment to marry, and non-nuptial cohabitors, who have not made that commitment. It further shows that for nuptial cohabitors their cohabitation is the first step in their becoming married, that their characteristics are more like the characteristics of married

Reviews & Shorter Notices – September 2004

Die Dämonen: Die Dämonologie der Israelitisch-Jüdischen und Frühchristlichen Literatur im Kontext ihrer Umwelt = Demons: The Demonology of Israelite-Jewish and Early Christian Literature in Context of Their Environment Bogdan G. Bucur, pp. 630–631 The Gospel of John: A Commentary John F. O’Grady, pp. 631–633 II Corinthians: A Commentary Thomas D. Stegman S.J., pp. 633–634 Barnabas:

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