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Reviews & Shorter Notices – December 2006

Das Alte Testament als christliche Bibel in orthodoxer und westlicher Sicht: Zweite europäische orthodox-westliche Exegetenkonferenz im Rilakloster vom 8.-15. September 2001
Stephen D. Ryan O.P. pp. 880–881

Dictionary for Theological Interpretation of the Bible
Angela Kim Harkins pp. 881–883

Life in Abundance: Studies of John’s Gospel in Tribute to Raymond E. Brown
Alan C. Mitchell pp. 883–884

Pneumatologie in der Alten Kirche
D. Lyle Dabney pp. 884–886

From Judgment to Passion: Devotion to Christ and the Virgin Mary, 800–1200
Penny J. Cole pp. 886–888

The Harvest of Mysticism in Medieval Germany
Joan M. Nuth , pp. 888–889

Lonergan’s Quest: A Study of Desire in the Authoring of “Insight.”
Richard M. Liddy ,pp. 889–891

Catholics and Shi’a in Dialogue: Studies in Theology and Spirituality
Shireen T. Hunter , pp. 891–892

Trinity: Nexus of the Mysteries of Christian Faith
Gill Goulding I.B.V.M. ,pp. 893–894

What is Systematic Theology?
Charles Hefling pp. 894–895

Karl Barth’s Christological Ecclesiology
Philip J. Rosato S.J. pp. 895–897

A Dictionary of Jewish-Christian Relations
Mary Christine Athans B.V.M. pp. 897–898

Practices of Dialogue in the Roman Catholic Church: Aims and Obstacles, Lessons and Laments
Brother Jeffrey Gros F.S.C. pp. 899–900
Latin American Liberation Theology: The Next Generation
Thomas Schubeck S.J. pp. 900–902

Does Human Rights Need God?
Linda Hogan pp. 902–903

Modern Catholic Social Teaching: Commentaries and Interpretations
Patrick T. McCormick pp. 904–905

The Blackwell Companion to Christian Ethics, the Blackwell Companion to Religious Ethics
Stephen J. Pope pp. 905–908

When God’s People Have HIV/AIDS: An Approach to Ethics
Lisa Fullam pp. 908–909

Sexing the Church: Gender, Power and Ethics in Contemporary Catholicism
Patricia Beattie Jung pp. 909–911

The Blackwell Companion to Christian Spirituality
Brigid O’Shea Merriman O.S.F. pp. 911–912

The Virgin of El Barrio: Marian Apparitions, Catholic Evangelizing, and Mexican American
Theresa L. Torres pp. 912–914

Minding the Spirit: The Study of Christian Spirituality
Jill Raitt pp. 914–915

Theological Reflection: Methods
Robert L. Kinast pp. 915–917

Trost—Zunahme an Hoffnung, Glaube und Liebe: Zum theolo gischen Ferment der ignatianischen “Unterscheidung der Geister.”
J. Matthew Ashley pp. 917–919

Faith, Reason and the Existence of God
Philip J. Rossi S. J. pp. 919–920

Kant and the Ethics of Humility: A Story of Dependence, Corruption, and Virtue
Stephen D. Miles pp. 920–922

Shorter Notices
pp. 922–934

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